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I’m overjoyed to announce a heartfelt Happy Birthday to The Last Shade Tree, my debut novel, recently published by All Things That Matter Press.

Explore the novel’s complexities to your heart’s content here on the website, from true historical events behind the fiction to world events that still reverberate today. To buy The Last Shade Tree, see the “Purchase” page. And please tell your friends what just popped out of the cake.

“The profound narrative, expressive writing, and wholly original concept are sure to intrigue and please a vast audience.”—Alex McIe



Sequoyah Morgan Hummingbird is different, living on the edge of reality where sharing thoughts is as natural as breathing. But he hates everything about himself—his name, his lost childhood in a Cherokee residential school, his tongue-tied shyness. Even worse, the Moon People, an octogenarian pair orbiting high above the earth, force him to comply with their ruthless repopulation scheme—because they alone have seen WW III destroy humankind. By age twenty Sequoyah hits rock bottom. He pulls through, helped by friends and strangers drawn to the poetry and goodness within him. Stumbling as often as they succeed, Sequoyah and his new clan make love, babies, and history as they jump across continents and millennia.

Serious questions about war and racism lie beneath the surface of this thought-provoking story, written with humor, satire, sensuality, and pathos.


The Author

Margaret Panofsky grew up surrounded by Northern California’s live oak trees and golden wild-oat grass, but abandoned what’s left of that idyllic beauty to live in New York City. She is a musician who plays the viola da gamba and is founder and director of New York University’s The Teares of the Muses, a consort of viols. After years of playing Renaissance and Baroque music, she believes that her first novel has a definite musical lilt. See full biography here.

All Things That Matter Press

The Last Shade Tree is being prepared for publication by All Things That Matter Press. It will come out fairly soon; I am now proofing the galleys!  


Writing is a solitary occupation until the completion of the first few drafts. Then the “sharing” begins as family and acquaintances make test runs reading it. Many drafts, trials and tribulations later, the novel sees the light of day. I’d like to thank a host of people for their gifts of time, attention, and patience.

Branching Out

These links are like leaves on The Last Shade Tree. Here you will meet a few of my talented, dedicated friends and also organizations that I consider especially significant to the novel’s content.


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