Tahlequah, Oklahoma  

Tahlequah, Oklahoma—old-timey cars on main street

Dr. Agonopoulos nodded in her direction, the signal for Aleta to begin. She barged ahead, hardly able to believe what was coming out of her mouth.  

“The first time I left home—I know it sounds so, so stupid—a Greyhound bus with lots of flashing lights flew right into my bedroom, and I just had to get on it. The thing took off and in about—I don’t know—half a minute, it came down in a town called Tahlequah. That’s what the sign at the city limits said. There was something wrong with all the cars on the road. They looked, old-timey, you know, like from a gangster movie.” 

From “Aleta in Trouble,” Chapter 1: Aleta

Tahlequah, Oklahoma—yellow house with flowers

Ariel arrived in Tahlequah by bus much as he had before, except this time Mohe’s illness weighed down his heart.... Ariel was relieved to find Mohe’s big, boxy house, so different in appearance from the low-slung log cabin in the High Tatras, looking cheery with a coat of fresh, yellow paint. Someone had planted chrysanthemums in newly dug flowerbeds running the length of the house below the pillared porch. They were blooming now in great splashes of reds and yellows. But then he noticed that all the curtains were drawn. Ariel froze; was he too late? 

From “Mohe,” Chapter 18: Ariel

Montreal view

Montreal, Canada

The two started out with Yacy doubling the distance by zigzagging back and forth while simultaneously explaining the sights. 

“Here’s the mountain—it’s so huge it’s fit for a king. Mont-réal, get it?” She reached her arms wide and high above her head as a visual demonstration. “And here’s the bus stop to Ethan’s college. And look. You can see the World’s Fair from here. Will you take me?” 

Ariel was about to say that he wouldn’t be staying long enough when Yacy nearly tripped him. 

From “Montreal,” Chapter 14: Ariel and Yacy