What’s that name in The Last Shade Tree?

Svnoyi - daughter of Ariel and Miriam - always protects her daddy; Cherokee name meaning “darkness” or “night”
Kuaray - first-born son of Aleta - Yacy’s twin brother
Yacy - first-born daughter of Aleta - Kuaray’s twin sister
Oscar - first-born son of Luz - in touch with spirit world
Phoenix - Aleta's son, born in Slovakian High Tatras - has a mystical understanding of plants
Lucy - daughter of Luz and Ethan - communicates with animals
Agali - daughter of Aleta and Ariel, born in Slovakian High Tatras; Cherokee name meaning “sunny” 
Alexej - son of Anichka and Jaroslav, born in Slovakian High Tatras
Lucian - son of Luz and Ethan, born in the new, future world
Arielle Luz - Yacy's daughter, born in the new, future world

Minor characters
Geraldine - Aleta's college roommate
Toshiro and Motomi Ito - Owners of Cafe Canton in Puerto Seguro
Scarlett/Siobhan - Aleta’s best friend in Puerto Seguro
Father Xavier - Priest at La Iglesia de la Paz in Puerto Seguro
Miss Bianca Montag - Miriam’s nurse at the Agnews asylum
Henri Rayon de Lune - French police captain at Drancy, WW II Jewish deportation camp
Dr. Benjamin Tulak - Communist interrogator in the High Tatras
Birdie and Atsina - Ariel/Sequoyah’s cousins in Tahlequah
The Skidder - Inuit taxi driver at Frobisher Bay
Unalii - Cherokee woman on the Trail of Tears; Cherokee name meaning “friend”
Magnolia - Freedperson on the Trail of Tears
Werther - Son of Nazi factory owner
Sunali - Ariel/Sequoyah’s mother - Cherokee name meaning “morning”

Animal characters
Sweetie Pie - Miss Montag’s cat
Tybalt - Lucy’s first cat
Marmalade - Lucy’s second cat, wears a bandana
Golden eagle pair on the Trail of Tears
Gitli Egodi Anehi - You’ll find out!

Inanimate character
Pressenda violin, made in Italy in 1838


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